American Plant Exchange Hoya 2 Pack




  • Hoya are stunning tropical flowering evergreen vines with thick variegated leaves that produce beautiful clusters of fragrant pink and red flowers
  • They are perfect low maintenance easy care vining and hanging plants that can be trained to climb or cascade from their pots
  • Hoya bloom best in bright indirect light, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms or brighter areas of the house near a window are ideal indoor locations
  • These tropical, cat, dog, and pet safe, air purifying plants come in two separate 6″ pots and are a great start to a plant collection or gift set
  • This grower choice assortment may include Sweetheart, Krimson Queen, Chelsea, Compacta Hindu Rope, TriColor, Pubicalyx, Wayetii, Kentiana, and Jade


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